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Financial Leveraging and Management

Creative thinking is critical to a professional grant writer and program manager.  The key to most successful development solutions of the future is "creative layering", or the linking of different sources of grants and public, discount (rate and/or term) financing. With tremendous growth, ailing infrastructure, lagging wages, increasing fuel cost, more complicated regulations, and decreasing grant funds, creating and managing strategic grants plans, or “layering”, is even more critical to your redevelopment goals.  It is the key to matching precious few resources with your most important economic development needs (storm water, sidewalks, parking, sewer, developable land, etc.). The Guardian team expanded the concept of layering multiple sources as a basic component of every community development project and coined the phrase "creative layering".  Our first consideration is how a program can be enhanced with available resources maximized.

The development and linking of multiple programs is the foundation of Guardian’s project approach.  We constantly seek ways to enhance each project by linking resources. We understand that every community is struggling to fund critical community and economic development needs. We provide our clients the greatest possible access to public grant-loan dollars through programs guides, ongoing research and investment in finding solutions at our expense and risk.

We determine for the client how best to draw upon multiple funding sources and how those funds can be incorporated into an overall plan that meets project needs and program guidelines.  Then, we link those programs together to maximize the benefit and minimize the burden to the client. Through creative layering, multi-sourcing, and strategic planning with Guardian, clients receive millions of dollars in funding they might not otherwise ever obtain.